Chevelle in Cape Town

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My photo gallery of Chevelle live in South Africa. The Cape Town performance took place at Grandwest Grand Arena on the 31st May 2013. Local acts included Woodstock Mafia and Shadowclub. Thanks to Hilltop Live for bringing one of my favourite bands to SA 🙂 Advertisements

Metallica in Cape Town

In 2006, Metallica performed at the My Coke Fest in South Africa and now 7 years later they have returned, performing 2 shows at the Bellville Velodrome in Cape Town. These are some photo’s from the show that took place on the 24th April 2013.

james and kirk james and rob james hetfield james hetfield cape town Rob Trujillo in Cape town James and kirk hammett

RAMfest 2013: Cape Town

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Some photo’s I took at RAMfest at Circle of Dreams, Riviersonderend, South Africa (9 March 2013). Local acts in this gallery: Pestroy and Beast. International acts: Bring Me The Horizon, Rise Against and Pendulum DJ set. This gallery also includes a few photo’s from the Rise Against acoustic session/meet and greet that took place at […]

The Curse (The Beginning)

Six years ago I wrote a 6-piece vampire poetry series based on the Anne Rice novel, “Interview With The Vampire.” The series is written from the point of view of Louis, a recluse vampire, and expresses his  inner conflict to adapt with his new transformation. It also focuses on his interactions with Lestat (his maker), and his beloved, Claudia. This is the prologue:

The Curse (The Beginning)

A sweet perfume fills my wake.

My senses intensified.

Though this is no dream

But a cold mortal place.

Waiting for reminiscence,

Though I find none.

I am in the unknown.

Oblivious to all around me.

But conscious of this new self.

Heart beats faster,

Vision magnified,

Though my touch is not defined.

I am invisible now.

Something I have never wanted.

No sign of my captor

But clearly left with his mark.

I am wounded.

Paralyzed by a simple inhumane gesture.

And here I lie.

An entity,

Wavering in the crimson light.

I have lost my identity.

No more shall people remember what I was.

I have lost everything.

Aimlessly wandering the streets.

Hiding in shadows,

A place that I once was afraid of.

I am pale,

Not by fear this time.

With cracked lips as if dried out by the sun.

And this thirst is so unbearable.

Uncertain if I can endure such discomfort

For eternity.

I lay here motionless

As a dark silhouette distorts my vision.

Overcome with blackness,

I am paralyzed until dusk.

– Tasneem Gaffoor

Red Hot Chili Peppers in Cape Town

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Just a few photo’s I took at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at Cape Town Stadium, South Africa (5th February 2013). The opening act was Die Antwoord, who performed with special guests Flea (bassist from Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Money Mark (Beastie Boys). Brilliant live performance from RHCP and awesome set-list. They played […]